Looking Forward

I have had this blog site for over two years.  Quite honestly, it scared me.  I didn’t know how to use it.  I wondered if anyone would ever read anything I had to say. In the past couple of months, my partner and I have talked about many things.  I enjoy discussing the trivial conversations with him because he isn’t from the United States and has a much different persepective or no bias of one view or the other.  If anything, he reminds me how much potential exists in the world.  I am grateful that he points out the potential in my life.

Before the holidays I read an article on themuse.com about reviewing our year and sharing it with those invested in our journey – much like a CEO sharing a year end report.  I think it only fair to share what happened in 2015 and then follow through with sharing where I am headed in 2016.

Christina’s 2015 Review

January: Started a three month journey of the Artist Way with my friend Jessica.

February: First Studio Pop-UP with Agape Chicago.

March: Completed the Artist Way, Enjoyed an artistic retreat at N.E.W. School of Massage where I worked on multiple projects and completed one painting. Also asked and donated art work to PACTT’s Work of Heart fundraiser.

April: Second Studio Pop-Up with Agape Chicago. Noted in Frank Juarez’s blog. Became leader of the Art Club at PACTT.

May: Presenter at a Wellness Conference with Immigrant Woman.  This was the first time I worked with 5 translators and brought the creative process to over 100 women at one time.  Went to YMCA Camp Manitowish to volounteer for the weekend.

June: Summer Break afforded rest and reset time.

July: Began design of Stand-Up Paddleboard.

August:Helped facilitate camp week at PACTT.  After months of discussion and coordination, I finally painted on a custom Stand-Up Paddleboard with Jim Hines. Began a passion project on the creative process and burnout among helping professions.

September: PACTT Clubs start up again. Started volunteering with Chicago Lights.

October: First Studio Pop-Up with Peterson Garden Project.

November: Design for PACTT’s holiday t-shirt.

December: Began one on one art sessions with a resident at a PACTT CILA.

I often find myself thinking that I haven’t accomplished much or nothing happened.  When I reviewed my list, I realized that I had actually done more with my first year in Chicago than I percieved.  I made new friends and began rebuilding my life. I go to a job every day that allows me to use my gifts and talents to help those with different abilities than myself. I have started to gain momentmum to live the life I have encouraged many people to live – creative and authentic.

2016 is now upon us.

What is next?

For starters, this blog is one of my goals for 2016.  This will be my place of musings and conversations I want to have with those who choose to be a part of the journey.  I look forward to whatever this blog becomes.

In addition to upkeep on this blog, I look forward to a regimented creative schedule for myself.  Each month of 2016 will have it’s own focus.  January, for instance, is Words and February is Sculpture.  As these focuses are lived out, I will use this space to share findings, ideas, and projects you can pursue.

I look forward to meeting the goal of completing 24 artworks, sharing 12 Fast Eddie Studios  newsletters, submitting portfolio submissions, and acquiring new commission works. I know that within this year, I will fnd much to share with the world. It is my hope that you will stop by, check in, and find something inspiring to add to your path and journey.

On to 2016!

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